How I Teach

Here I will gather links and documents related to my ongoing design process/experiment in ethics education.

Basic Design Elements

Learning Outcomes (and a gloss on those outcomes)

The Instructor’s Role


What I want to get at in this post is the idea of scaffolding, an artificial structure provided to students that can allow them to operate at a higher cognitive level than they could otherwise reach. The hope and the aim is for students to be less dependent on the scaffolding as they go, until they can work at that higher level on their own.

Virtue Template

Utility Template


Primary Sources

No Opinions!

Recent Syllabi

PHIL 3109 RK Engineering Ethics – Fall 2015

Evaluation Rubric for PHIL 3109

PHIL 4176 RK Environmental Ethics

Evaluation Rubric for PHIL 4176

Miscellaneous Ideas and Notes

The Other End of the Beam

Object Lessons

Electronic Devices in the Classroom (and more on that topic)

It’s Not Them . . . (on whether it’s fair to blame students for disengagement)

Courses with the Lid Off

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