First Sketch: Postscript

I should add that many notes to this blog are likely to focus on teaching and learning, since that is the central focus of my professional life, just now. I am always revising and refining the design of my courses, the better to hook in to the lived experience and the moral imagination of my students, and I am always looking for ways to engage a wider audience in ethical field-work.

First Sketch

I intend this blog to be a series of observations about ethical values in everyday life, in professional practice and in public policy.

My outlook is that of a secular philosopher, and my interest is in the lived experiences of human beings pursuing various projects in particular places. The founding idea is that ethical thinking is as much a matter of experience and imagination as it is a matter of judgment.

It is not a blog about opinions or about conclusions.

I will, as much as possible, stay off the soap box.

Rather, in these notes I will aim to identify and distinguish the variety of ethical values that may be caught up in the complex situations in which people may find themselves, with attention to the particularity of situations and people alike.

I may talk about ethical theory, from time to time, but only to introduce or refine the tools of ethical field-work.